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Hahaha, oh wow. I left the archives broken way longer than intended since wading through my old code is a pain in the ass. Example: These blog posts are actually a static text block I have to edit through the code editor rather than actual posts. There was a lot of fuckery involved with migrating my hosting account from revolver-knight.com to thirdhalf.net, so all the archives and sidebar links were shot. Anyway, RK should be readable again save a few tweaks here and there, should anyone want to. I like to think I've come quite a ways since finishing up the series, and if nothing else it was a learning experience. For example; I need to stop registering for things under project names under the hopes it will take off. Dodge and burn tools aren't real shading. Dreamweaver-era web design skills don't transfer into Web 2.0 well. Etc.


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