KenjiKenji A. Randan(M, Human[Altered])
Age: 17
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 145 lbs.
Class: Courier
Defining traits: Brown hair, pronounced fangs, loose clothing for concealing weapons. Lazy.

Kenji’s the hero of the story, in the sense that he gets the most face time in the script. His laid-back attitude belies a honed instinct for martial arts and gunfighting, and he has trained under Ryoko, who was once regarded as the greatest of all bounty hunters. It’s been since revealed that his bioweapon is the remains of the Dragon King Azrael, making him the designated Chosen One to defeat Z, who hosts his nemesis Helldragon Zagara. Yay for him.

Trivia: His last name is derived from ‘random’.

AngieAngela Jade Collins(F, Elven)
Age: 16 (in elf years)
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 98 lbs.
Class: Battle Mage
Defining Traits: Pointed ears, penchant for red clothing, petite build, oversized sword

Kenji’s best friend and near-constant… platonic… companion. She’s a bit self conscious and cynical, and seems to strive to set herself apart from the normal elf stereotypes of being ‘attuned to nature.’ In spite of her detachment and bad habits, she does retain her inborn talent in mystic arts. Though revealed to be an unwitting spy placed by Z to scout out and keep an eye on the host of Azrael, she and Kenji have since made up and are currently waging battle against the zombie… demon… dragon… guy.

KamikazeKamikaze S. Randan(F, Human)
Age: 16
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 132 lbs.
Class: Waitress/Mechanic
Defining Traits: Dirty mind, daisy hairclip

Kenji’s younger sister by a year, is gifted with telekinesis and a knack for machines. She’s playful and energetic, if a little strange- she tends to make up her own words when she can’t put her thoughts to them, but says them with enough inflection most people get the point. She’s not as much of a fighter  but can defend herself if need be. She’s also something of a perv.

RyokoRyoko Yasaki(Dragon)
Age: ??? (claims 28)
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 142 lbs
Class: Cook/ World’s Strongest Bounty Hunter (retired)
Defining Traits: Right arm lost in battle; details sketchy, soothing demeanor, long blue hair in loose ponytail

Guardian of the Randan siblings, retired bounty hunter and current restaurant owner. She lost her arm in a battle years ago and developed her own brand of one-armed fighting. Noteworthy is her tendency to cook everything in or with alcohol, making her restaurant popular for those who don’t normally frequent bars. She’s very strict about underage drinking.

ScottScott Tomakari(M, Human[Atlantean Descent])
Age: 19
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 128 lbs.
Class: Self-Proclaimed Supervillain
Defining Traits: Greasy, prehensile hairstyle, confident smirks, frequent abuse of VP authority, and alchemic/mechanical talent

Heir to the monolithic Tomakari Heavy Technology corporation and aspiring dictator. A mechanical genius, he lacks social grace and common sense. Harbors deep resentment toward Kenji for humiliating him in front of his private army. His hair seems to have a mind of its own.

Kagemaru“Kagemaru”(M, Human[Altered])
Age: 29
Height 6’2″
Weight: 146 lbs.
Class: Gun Control Officer
Defining Traits: Dark clothing, wraparound shades, white beads in hair, small scar on left cheek, only talkative when explaining an arrest

His job of tracking and regulating forbidden weapons and spells is his life. He works alone, and his record of doling out merciless, by-the-book law speaks for itself- throughout much of the West Continent, he IS GunCon. Strangely, he never seems to receive any sort of official promotions or rewards for his service. Still, unwaveringly cool-headed. Monologues on occasion, usually to the stray cat that inhabits his patrol car.

NaomiNaomi Ozaki(F?, Android)
Age: 1
Height 5’9″
Weight: 250 lbs.
Class: Covert Assassin Droid GD-0217
Defining Traits: Pale skin, braid with cat bells, detached expression, retractable weapons

Naomi was built overseas and purchased by Scott to assassinate the troublesome Kenji. Unfortunately, due to a program error brought on by a short and a bad picture of her target, she ended up falling head over heels for Kenji. She continues to obey Scott, though is more than likely working to bring his operation down from the inside.

Trivia: Naomi’s named for a Sega arcade motherboard. Her serial number is derived from “Girl Doll,” and the date she appeared in the strip first.

SaraSara Ameno(-Randan)(F, Human)
Age: 18
Height 5’4″
Weight: 128 lbs.
Class: Thief
Defining Traits: Green hair, yellow bandana (worn in many different styles), distinctive giggle, subversive nature.

Sara is one of the many less scrupulous wanderers of the Wastes, always listening for hot tips that most other ‘treasure hunters’ would pass up. Occasionally she betrays hints of her far eastern heritage as a ninja assassin, though it seems that she either dropped out or failed training in order to end up a thief on an entirely different continent. Likes to tease Kenji especially since she finds him easy to manipulate.

Seth&KainSeth Galveston(M, Human) and Kain (Elemental Spirit)
Age: 20
Height 6’2″
Weight: 165 lbs.
Class: Summoner
Defining Traits: Blonde hair, tribal accessories, spirit sword Kain, general thick-headedness and a trail of angry women.

An aspiring son of a chief, on a quest to figure out who’s responsible for the annihalation of their ancestral temple of spirits. Unbeknownst to him, the very pair of travelers he’s chosen to escort and protect are the ones responsible. Though he is a bit of a third wheel, his well-meaning ways and good cheer make him tolerable to be around, and his sheer ox-like strength (and intellect) make him a good source of muscle.

On the other hand, the wind spirit he’s contracted with through his sword, Kain, is an ill-tempered and underhanded being who also happens to have a lecherous streak 3 clicks wide. Due to his cleverness and Seth’s inherent dullness, it’s really hard to say who’s serving who in this atypical summoner partnership.

Trivia: “Seth N’ Kain” is a play on words on the game company SNK.

Z (Zed, Zeta, Zeke)
Age: ???
Height: 7’2″
Weight: ???
Class: ???
Defining Traits: Long, wild black hair, numerous scars about the face, long black armored coat, breastplate etched with a red “Z”.

Spoken of mainly in whispers across the wastes, the Man in Blue is a terrifyingly brutal fighter. It’s rumored that he has ties to not only the Black Iron Bandits, but the demonic underworld as well. The specfics of his powers are unknown, but his victims are often marred by large bite marks and deep, clean slashes. A blackish mist trails behind him wherever he goes.

In reality, Z is the corpse of unwilling soldier Ezekiel, animated by the Helldragon’s remnants to lead the forces of darkness and revive his full form. His mission is a corruption of his human host’s pacifistic wishes- to eliminate war and conflict by making sure there’s nobody around to fight.

(He’s the bad guy, if you’re dense.)


Rico(25)- Scott’s bodyguard, fitted with cybernetics that allow him to shut off his pain receptors making him capable of taking extreme abuse for his boss. Falls into the category of ‘strong and dumb.’

Erika Leonis- Daughter of Surrenia’s famed General “Lionheart” Leonis, and his successor as the head of the Royal Army’s elite Dragonslayer squad. She harbors resentment toward Kenji because of her father’s death by heart attack during their duel, but knows it wasn’t entirely his fault. She was later entrusted with delivering a sample of Z’s DNA to the Genus Company to create an anti-Z weapon…

“Delta” Leonis- Created from Z’s blood, this tiny little girl was intended as an anti-Z bioweapon. Her element was shifted to air to make her easier to control, though her mind is still a bit of a blank slate since she was more or less born yesterday. She trusts and obeys Erika absolutely.

The Black Iron Bandits- A seemingly endless pack of armored toughs who roam the Wastes totally encased in bulky black armor. They and their machines often have a ‘patchwork’ appearance, but the one-eyed masks are identical from man to man. The upper echelon of their band wear fanged demon masks (Also they’re demons.)

Misty Dawson- Former friend of Angie and Kenji. Her damaged pride at failing the Courier entry exam and a subsequent accostment in an alley afterwards drove her mad and, with the encouragement of some demons, made her into a serial killer. Daughter of Mayor Dawson, presumed dead after exposure to White Flame.

Mr. Black(???)- Owner of the Black’s Market weapon shop in Wayside. Extremely shady former member of the King’s 20 gang, looks exactly the same then as now. Not only does he have a knack for acquiring things he shouldn’t have, he also seems able to exist in multiple places at a time.

Aren Stout(???)- Town butcher, formerly Aren the Axe of the King’s 20.

Mayor Sue Dawson(???)- Mayor of Wayside, sexy and powerful no matter what her age may be. Formerly Bloody Susan of the King’s 20.

Jack Morgan(30)- Manager at the Wayside power plant. Patently irresponsible and lazy. Kind of like Kenji, only older. He seems to have no special abilities or talents.

Bludgeon(26)- A hulking thug with a weapon-crystal in his arm, giving him command of the armored, gravity-powered bioweapon Megaton Arm. Was hired as a bodyguard by Bradford in 1-1. His real name is probably dorky.

Bradford(27)- Once an idealistic adventurer, realized that he could live high on the hog on the gratitude of people he saved. With a dragon-summoning sword, he materialized a wild green dragon in the middle of a small town, then ‘vanquished’ it by de-materializing it. Disfigured when Kenji smashed his nose jumping from a window, then ironically imprisoned in Bradford Jail. Nobody knows if that’s his first or last name. Later on, would join the Black Iron Bandits along with Scott in hopes of revenge.

Daniels(21)- Morgan’s underling. Presumably dead. Or wishing he was.

Pierce(22)- A skinny thug with vertical hair and a whiz with knives. Friends with Bludgeon. Wears makeup. His real name is probably girly.

Special Agent Yamato(???)- Kagemaru’s mentor from the elite Gun Control Central Guard ranks. (GC-CG) Has a strong sense of justice and always does the ‘right’ thing in the end. Is also kind of a dick. Currently convinced that not only must Z be eliminated, but Kenji just in case his powers run wild and cause another massive explosion.

Raith(???)- The current ‘king’ of the Dragon race’s survivors, his literally two-faced demeanor represented by a two headed beastial form when not in his ‘pleasant’ High Priest appearance. He claims to ‘protect’ the remaining dragons by forbidding them from involving in human matters, but also seems to have ties to both the forces of light and dark. Tried to murder Kenji to prevent the other dragons from discovering his blood ties to Azrael and appointing him new king. Last seen in a decaying, viral form outside GENUS, before being put in stasis by Yamato.





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