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Revolver Knight is set on the world of Alterra, a war-ravaged but resilient world boasting diverse civilizations and wildlife. The widespread presence of magic is to thank for many of the unique creatures living here, as well as the massive holy cloud that forms a near-impassable barrier around the planet. Though the sun shines brightly and the twin moons are visible by night, the interference does making seeing the stars at night difficult or impossible through most of the world.

Following the brutal demon-draconic war of Year Zero, which culminated in the Calamity, a holy blast that created the great barrier as well as destroying half of the Western Continent and the artificial fortress-island Atlantis. Hundreds of thousands were killed, and when the ashes finally settled, it was the formerly meek human race who was at the forefront of developing the new world.

Human ingenuity wasn’t all for the positive- the invention that set of the disastrous chain of events that ravaged the planet in the war’s last moments was the Atlantean development of the bio-weapon: weapons that trapped the essence of a war-bred beast in an Armacite crystal which was used as the medium for a mutation that would give the holder the powers of that animal. Created by crafty but weak humans to bridge the gap between them and the more empowered races, they were easily and quickly abused. Their use today is closely monitored and regulated by the international agency Gun Control.

The year now is A.Z. 999. Alterran society is largely focused on the Mainland, home to the rustic but proud Surrenia, The Republic of Trahn, the ancestral elven forests, and the mystic and traditional Xanang. Scattered villages dot the tropical jungles of Zhenna, and the western continent known widely as the Frontier is split between an almost futuristic urban environment and a blasted, outlaw-ridden wasteland. It’s here that we begin to follow the story of Kenji Randan, a wasteland courier. Will one lazy bum of a hero be able to stop another apocalypse or is he just going to start one? Read on and find out.

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